Employment Law and HR

As a complement to our Health and Safety Package we now work in association with a team of dedicated and specialist employment law solicitors to offer a comprehensive Employment Law and HR Service.  All advice is provided by qualified and experienced professionals who share our passion for no nonsense, practical and user friendly systems.

The Employment Law and HR package is tailored to your requirements but generally includes:

Health check
A check on your employment documentation, policies and procedures and recommendations on any changes to meet current legal requirements.

Customised contracts of employment
Producing or updating contracts of employment to ensure compliance with legislation and best practice.

Customised employee handbook
Producing an Employee Handbook detailing all of your policies and procedures and addressing business and people management issues.

Templates and checklists for your own use (e.g. application forms and offer letters).

Updating your employment documentation on an annual basis to ensure it remains up to date with legislation and continues to reflect your needs.

Advice line
An unlimited telephone advice line delivering instant support with all employment issues. Advice is only given by solicitors, not HR consultants, ensuring that the advice cannot be disclosed in legal proceedings.

Step by step guidance
Guiding managers safely through any process, helping resolve difficult issues and minimising the risk of expensive claims.

Employment insurance protection cover
An insurance policy to provide you with invaluable cover against legal costs and awards in the event of a claim, even if you fail to follow our advice.


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